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Age of Empires - Club!

2009-07-04 05:26:53 by SirCrispy

Hey everyone, for anyone who loves to play strategy type games, Please Join the
Age of Empires Club, we'd love to have more people joining so that we could create a fully working online club, using IGZones, the best way to play online with the AOE series, let alone, just wanting to create a helpful, informative community to those who like this Series, on NG.

here is your chance to, well, umm... just become a member lol
So please Join the Age of Empires Club

We cant wait to see New Faces around there!!

Thanks Everyone!

Age of Empires - Club!

New Account.

2009-05-27 10:57:21 by SirCrispy

Just got this new Account replacing my old ChrisG755 Account, finally getting the name i want is great!

That's all Have a Nice Day..